HQ1325F Fiber Laser 300W-2000W Raycus Metal Cutter Engraver

HQ1325F Fiber Laser 300W-2000W Raycus Metal Cutter Engraver

  • £35,000.00

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 Technical Index:

  • Laser source : 300W -2000W Raycus Fiber Laser
  • Working size: 1300mm*2500mm
  • Cutting thickness: 0.1-3mm (Depending on the material)
  • Position accuracy: 0.03mm
  • Repeat Precision: 0.02mm
  • X Axis Route: 3050mm
  • Y Axis Route: 1525mm
  • Z Axis Route: 120mm
  • Maximum cutting speed: 20m/min.
  • Operating temperature: 0℃-40℃
  • Workbench maximum load: 100kg
  • Drive type of X, Y axis: Imported servo drive( Panasonic, Japan)
  • Servo motor- Japan Panasonic servo motor
  • Control system: au3tech Sc1000
  • Software support formats: AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST etc
  • Ball screw transmission: Taiwan TBI ball screw
  • Guide Rail: Taiwan: HIVIN Guide
  • Moving mode: Imported TBI rolling ball screw
  • Auxiliary gas: N2 ,O2
  • Machine size(L*W*H): 3800*1850*1300mm
  • Net weight: 2000kg



  • Application:
  • Cutting on plate or tube in metal, mainly for cutting on SS, carton steel, manganese steel, galvanized plate, alloy plate, rare metal.
  • Widely used in kitchen appliance, electric control box, high-resolute device, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, lighting,
  • poster, auto parts, display equipment, hardware and metal processing.



https://youtu.be/v8pfDS0Fd-0    (Stainless Steel Cutting)

https://youtu.be/yPrZuHL-7ks    (Steel Continuous Cutting)

https://youtu.be/NS0v_4PoScU   (1mm Stainless Steel Cutting)

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