HQ1810V 100W Co2 Laser Cutter w/Vision Alignment

HQ1810V 100W Co2 Laser Cutter w/Vision Alignment

  • £13,900.00

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This industrial cabinet style Laser is a excellent upgrade to any desktop Laser & sports a large motorised conveyer table. Laser Power is optional & ideal for Cutting & Engraving a vast range of mediums from Wood/MDF to Acrylics and Leather.

The Laser comes with 1 half day Setup & Training at Laser Cut Designs premises or at your premises within 150 mile radius of Swindon.
Rotary Attachment           = £280
Water Chiller CW5000      = £450
Auto Focus                        =£140

Technical Index:

Laser power: 100W

Laser Type: CO2 Sealed-off Glass-tube laser

Control Software: Vision system.

Power supply: AC 110V-220V?10% / 50-60Hz

Max. Engraving size: 1800 * 1000mm

Cutting speed: 0-30,000mm/min

Working Table : Conveyor working table

Positioning Accuracy: <0.1mm

Min. shaping character: Character: 2x2mm, Letter: 1x1mm

Driving System: Offline Servo Motor Control System , LCD Screen

Cooling System: water-cooling and protection system

Graphic Format Supported:  CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop

File Format Supported: BMP, CIF, JPEG, TGA, TIFF, PLT, AI, DXF, DWG etc

Machine Dimension: 2080*1430*920mm

Packing Dimension: 2190*1540*1120mm

Net Weight: 300kg. 

Auto Feeding System: Yes, continuous cutting


Product Feature:

1).  Large format recognition continuous cutting 

This function is for patterned fabric precisely positioning and cutting. For example, through digital printing, various graphics printed on garment fabric. In the subsequent of positioning and cutting, material information extracted by the high-speed industrial camera (CCD), software smart identification closed outer contour graphics, then automatically generates the cutting path and finish cutting. Without the need for human intervention, it can achieve continuous recognition cutting of the entire roll printed fabrics.

I.e. by large format visual recognition system, the software automatically recognize the contour pattern of the garment, and then automatic contour cutting graphics, thus ensuring accurate cutting of the fabric.

Advantage of contour detection:

-No required the original graphics files

-Directly detect roll printed fabrics

-Automatic without manual intervention

-Identification within 5 seconds on the whole cutting area.

2). Printed Marks Cutting 

This cutting technology is applicable to a variety of patterns and labels precision cutting. Especially suitable for automatic continuous printing clothing contour cutting. Marker point positioning cutting no pattern size or shape restrictions. Its positioning is only associated with two Marker points. After two Marker points to identify the location, entire format graphics can be precisely cut. (Note: arrangement rules must be the same for each format of the graphic. Automatic feeding continuous cutting, to be equipped with feeding system.)

 Advantage of printed marks detection:

-High precision

-Unlimited for the distance between printed pattern

-Unlimited for printing design and background color

-Compensation of processing material deformation


3). Strips and Plaids Cutting 

CCD camera, which is installed in the rear of the cutting bed, can recognize materials information such as stripes or plaids according to color contrast. The nesting system can perform automatic nesting according to the identified graphical information and cut pieces requirement. And can automatically adjust the pieces angle to avoid stripes or plaids distortion on the feeding process. After nesting, the projector would emit red light to mark the cutting lines on materials for calibration.


4). Square Cutting for Banners 

If you only need to cut square and rectangle, if you don’t have high requirement about cutting precision, you can choose below system.

Work flow: small camera detect the printing marks and then laser cut the square/rectangle.


Applicable Industry: 

Laser Cutting Printed Sublimation Fabric for Sportswear Swimwear Shoes Banners Flags

Sportswear, sports garment, swimwear, printed sublimation textile & apparel

Strips & plaids clothing, suits, shirts, dresses

Fabric with Repetitive Visual Motifs

Arabesquitic luxury bags, suitcase, sofa upholstery

Banners, flags, vinyl, polyester






https://youtu.be/o1VKIwcadfg      (Projector)